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     It’s so interesting to me how you can leave a place, return, and come to find that everything is the same yet changed.  Since I married into the Air Force I get to experience this interesting phenomena more frequently than the average person. These past two weeks I had the chance to go back to San Jose, CA.  With few exceptions, all was how I left it. The same trees line La Jolla Ave, baseball is still played at the park by my parents house, the same mom & pop coffee shop is still down the street, and my dear family/friends still live in the same homes. Yet… some of the local places have renovated or moved. The trees are bigger and some are gone. The baseball players are all unknown to me. The mom and pop shop I grew up loving has new owners. My family and friends are a little older and some have even added new members to their ranks (welcome little Cali Rose!). The same but so changed. And I love that about life.
     I love that time continues to mold, roll, and shake things.  I love that no matter what state you’re in (literally and figuratively) you can’t escape the ticking clock of your life. I love that people, places, and things always change. But most of all I love that when you are blessed to have family and friends like I do – change always means your relationship is growing deeper.  Your love is changing into (striving to be like) a perfect mirror of God’s unchanging and abounding love. Your relationship is the same, yet always changing. 
I have family like this. 
I have friends like this. 
I am blessed.
     There is a motto among fellow Air Force families; “Nothing is certain in the A.F except that nothing is for certain”.  To be thrust into a life of constant change, one of continues movement and uncertainty. Yup, that about sums it up.  It forces you to go with the flow, embrace change that is always around. It forces you to hold loved ones close no matter how far the distance is between you and hope that they do the same. Is it hard?…yes. But it’s a really good lesson to learn.
  1. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful place. Sounds like you are embracing the changes of life better than your Mom and Dad.

  2. Rachel Canty says:

    Wow, I never been to San Jose, CA but through your photos it seems like it is such a beautiful place to visit. I am glad things have stayed the same in the mist of life changing. Another set of great photos.

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