Baby L


     The sweet piano sounds from the “Pride and Prejudice” soundtrack begin to drift out of my purse. That’s a specific ringtone. A smile automatically appears on my face, and I know it’s Jackie calling. Frantically I dig in my purse for my phone (why is it always at the bottom under some paper I didn’t even know was in there?!).  I answer it and proceed to yell out “YOU’RE PREGNANT!!!!!”. To which she yells “YEESS!!”. This, of course, leads to both of us screaming with excitement. This contagious excitement has only seemed to grow in direct proportion to Jackie’s baby bump.
    Jackie is, and has been, a bussom friend. She is a kindred spirit; a loyal, fun, just get’s it, always laughs with you, deep, true friend. We stood by each other for our “I do” adventures and now I get to be part of the next huge chapter in her life. 
    Baby L will soon join the Leavitt home and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she is part of a wonderful family. Jackie and Zach are built for parenthood. They are both able to laugh at just about anything and make just about anything fun. They are a great team too. Zach is Jackie’s rock- her anchor and stability. When she needs grounding and support Zach is always there. When Zach needs some laughter Jackie is the gracious lift he needs to let go.  She is his muse and drive. Most of all- the number one reason I know they’ll be great parents- is that they know how to love. They know how to love at all levels: tough love, sweet love, hard love, patient love, carefree love. Already, I see them loving baby L like this. Take a look.
See I told you, Jackie’s a goof.
I loved the little signs of life that were flying around.
     I cannot wait to meet you Baby L. If you are anything like your parents I know you will be one   amazing girl. Till I meet you little one…
  1. these are so beautiful 🙂 and how EXCITING that one of your besties is growing a baby inside of her. love you <3

  2. Jackie says:

    Love you Shell!! You are so talented and so gracious in your loving words towards us! We love you and love these pics!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Knowing both of you makes these pictures more "dear". I do agree with Shell, you both will make wonderful parents because of the "love" you have to give. Congratulations.

  4. Rachel Canty says:

    Sounds like you guys compliant each other in personally and in character. Congratulations Jackie!!! You make a perfect model!! 🙂

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