What I love about kids is the ease with which they laugh. You don’t have to put on a big event, a planned surprise, or an extremely expensive production to entertain them. They laugh because all is right with the world. They smile just because you are near. They are happy because someone loves them enough to watch. They are not loved because of what they can do but just because they are.  These two are loved. These two are spoiled. These two are so freaking cute I can’t even stand it.
     Dana and Brian are expecting another bambino. I can’t wait to take pic’s of little Sammy Jo, but until she’s out in this big world I’ll settle for taking pictures of the baby bump.
Kezzie, Sophia, and Sammy Jo, I love you unconditionally and forever.  ~Aunt Meesh.
  1. Brian Lopez says:

    Ok you are seriously one of the sweetest souls I know Michelle. You are beginning to rival uncle Nick. Ha! we love you so much and I can't wait to see you here in just a few days sis! Kezzie says "Fank you aunt Meesh!"

  2. Anonymous says:

    How Precious are these pictures. Capturing the absolute innocence and beauty of each person.
    Fank you

  3. Meeshs's Daddy. says:

    Fank you Kezzie for being the Shirley Temple of the 21st Century!

  4. Rachel Canty says:

    Another set of amazing photos!!!! I just love those kids! They are forever adorable! I cant wait to see them grow up, they are gonna totally be like sister! I am so happy that you are coming down for the wedding this week!!!

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