Dustin & Kaitlyn


    I once told my husband that I knew he loved me because he regularly makes a fresh pot of french press coffee before I tiredly rise for the day. I truly believe coffee might be one of my love languages and he fills my love tank on a regular basis ;p. What fills my heart even more is when a couple comes to me and asks if we can do part of their Love Bird session in a coffee shop. Then add to this that the couple is awesome and my heart almost bursts with joy.
    Meet Dustin and Kaitlyn. An unexpected turn of events brought them together but when you see them interact you can’t help but wonder if those events were, in fact, expected and designed. ;p.  Kaitlyn is such a life giving force that when you meet her it’s impossible not to smile, a mere reflection of the light she radiates. Then there is Dustin, he’s as quality as they come. A man of integrity, character and a big heart to match. Together this pair of love birds is going to bring life and love to whoever they are around.
Dustin & Kaitlyn, Um hello new friends ;p. Besides being ridiculously excited for you two to tie the knot I am also just thrilled to get to know you better as you start your Mr & Mrs. Journey.
  1. Another great shoot Michelle. I love the idea of shooting in a cafe, so fun and so rustic. I would never of thought it would be such a great setting.

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