Flower Buds & Baby Bumps


You know that feeling when you make a new friend, the one that transports you back to your first day of school. When that new girl grabs your hand and the interlocking of your fingers signifies that not even the losing of your new BFF necklace will separate you. The excitement of the natural “click”, the one that happens when you meet a new kindred spirit. Well, this gal is one such friend. When I met her it was all butterflies and unhindered expressions of joy (AND she’s a neighbor! It’s the best). Every time I walk to her house I feel my inner 8 year old self skipping with glee. That younger me recalling the hard-paved but very familiar way down the street- exactly one house- to see my favorite person (Shannon you know who I’m talking about ;p). The house you simply walk in because you know the door code (or its just unlocked ha) and even if you don’t know where the person is, it is ok because their house is kinda your second home.
World, meet two of my favorite neighbors and their adorable to be beautiful baby bump, who just arrived ahead of schedule this Monday, Claire.     We started this session at the beautiful Hamilton’s Nursery. (You can read more about them on their Facebook page here: Hamilton Providence Garden Inc. ). This Nursery is the loveliest little oasis, owned and ran by the loveliest of owners, right in the heart of Clovis. If you haven’t checked them out I highly recommend it.

We finished up by heading to the outskirts of town.
     Giant rolling clouds began leaking their stored waters, announcing the end to our session. But even the cold rain couldn’t damper the anticipating smiles of these two.
    Sweet friends, I can’t wait watch you slip on the cloak of mother/father hood and begin this life changing adventure. You guys are gonna rock it like you’ve rocked just about everything life has handed you. Til we walk again.

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