Why boudoir?

When I say I love boudoir I mean that I love photographing women. I love everything about it. I love the frilly clothes. I love the hair, the makeup, the shopping trip for lingerie.  I love the beauty in each woman I meet.  I love vibrant sexiness that screams loud but also soft feminine grace that whispers of the deep elegance within. 

I love the butterflies before the shoot and the shock and awe in every face while viewing their images.  Capturing who you are is what I always try to do, and my goodness we will have a great time doing it!


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the journey

Beauty, freedom and authenticity in everything

What is a Connection Session?

Your love is one of a kind, It has a unique shape, feel and tenor. Its own fingerprint composed of a melding of hearts and lives. It saunters to it’s individual rhythm and pace. 

That look he gives you when he is overwhelmed with your beauty.

That glance she sneaks you over her shoulder when no one was looking.

This what the Connection Session is all about.  Whether you have a baby bump or food baby my goal remains singularly focused; to create remnants of your connection. To reveal with my camera the invisible ties that bond you. 


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Your love is one of a kind  and life is too short not to capture it.

Connection session