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I can't wait to capture the traces of who you really are and leave you with

A Beautiful  Remnant

Do I travel?…Do Italians love pizza? YES!! Traveling is one of my passions and I do it  often. 

I don’t live in New Mexico, do you travel?

Where do we shoot? Do you have a studio?

When should I book my shoot?

How long does it take to get my product?

I want to look great in these photos but struggle figuring out what to wear. How will I know what to wear?

I don’t look like all the “models” on your website, will I like my photos?

Getting naked in front of a camera makes me SUPER nervous and I don’t know how to be sexy!

How much do you edit?

I’m a teacher/military spouse/military member and would die if these photos were public. How do you protect my privacy?

Cancellation policy?

Connection Sessions and Boudoir Journeys are both tailored for every client. We talk about this in detail over our coffee date and together we’ll choose a location that will make your shoot just what you want.
Your own house can be the perfect setting, or maybe you prefer a beach or sun filled field? Whatever you’re dreaming, up we can make happen.

If you are booking a Boudoir Journey in New Mexico, I do have a studio in my home, we start there. If you are wanting some outdoor images, head to a second location after.

For most travel locations, the shoot is either in your home or a local Bed and Breakfast. I have a list of places I love shooting at and when we chat, I will send you recommendations to choose from and book on your own.

I suggest booking your shoot at least two months before you are wanting finished product. The more time we have to prepare, the more you will get out of your shoot and the more time we have to make sure your session is just how you imagined.

Two weeks after we shoot, we'll get together again for your ordering session and once we have your product finalized, it takes up to a month to get everything in. Product will be delivered (or available for pick up) once payment is made in full.

Fret not my pet, I will help you pick out wardrobe. I will steer you towards colors that will compliment you, style that will flatter you and your location setting. My goal is for you to be stylish and classic so when you look at these images ten years from now you’re not thinking “UGH, what were we wearing”.

For Boudoir Journeys I’ll send you a detailed prep guide that will walk you through this process step by step. Ultimately, I want you to come with pieces you feel good in. There is no substitute for confidence and choosing outfits that help you feel that way are the ones you should bring.

Please…pretty please. Shush this joy stealing voice of comparison! Every one of the faces on my website has said something similar before their shoot. It’s my job to create images that capture you at your best. You’ll see you — all your sides, at your best.

If we’re photographing a connection session, we’re creating moments of authentic interaction. I will coach every movement through action, with an intended shot in mind. 

Boudoir is similar. Every pose is demonstrated, then directed to bring out your inner beauty and flatter what your mama gave ya — it’s a job I love!

The goal with Boudoir is not to get you naked. It is not about how much skin you show or how skimpy your outfit is. It’s about you capturing you, however you feel beautiful.  We will flatter what you want to highlight, showcasing your best features. With your trust, we’ll even flaunt the beauty in the parts of your body you think you need to hide.  

It is my joy to bring out your many sides and create art with your unique beauty. Getting those sexy shots is more than possible, I promise it will happen ;)

You know that annoying pimple that just popped up over night? Those dark circles under your eye that won’t go away? I got you girl!  Touch ups are meant to be natural. 

Take a look at my Galleries.  You will not see fake, plastic skin. The goal is to allow you to see yourself at your best. 

As a military spouse, I totally get the need for privacy and understand the importance of guarding your discretion. While I would love to share the photos of every client, what you see on my blog and website is only a fraction of what I shoot.  

Every one of these shared images comes with a signed model release. I truly hope you’ll let me share your beauty with the world but I hold your trust with the highest regard and promise to create a safe private, pressure-free experience. 

 Half your session fee is due upon signing your contract and is used to secure your shoot day. If you need to cancel, I do my best to fill your spot and allow you to use your deposit another day. If your spot cannot be filled, your retainer will be forfeited but honestly, in my six years of business I have only not been able to reschedule two shoots.

As a natural light photographer, sometimes the weather can work against us. If your shoot is cancelled due to Mother Nature, we can reschedule.

Frequently asked questions

My travel dates and availability are posted on Facebook

You can stay up to date by following me here: @michellecoppini

Or you can reach me through my Contact Page  and I will put you on a list so you will have first dibs on upcoming travel dates!

If I’m not already traveling to your area, shoot me an email and we can try and make it happen.

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The definition of "Remnant" is a remaining or a trace. This is a summary of what I love about photography and the driving “why” behind this business.

To capture authentic traces of people. A deep hearty laugh. Stunning, natural beauty that seeps out from inside. A real smile . Not the fake one you give when your mom asks you to "say cheese," but the deep smile that comes out when you are truly happy.

These remnants are beautiful and these are what my clients hunger for.
Your life is a collection of events, seasons, experiences. What you have left over — the snippets of memories and tangible memorabilia …these are all pieces of your story. I offer a gentle request to enter these places and with my camera capture these unique pieces and create beautiful remnants.




"a remaining or a trace"

located in Clovis, New MExico




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