My favorite yet…part 2


     I met Mrs. S in a land riddled with tales of fairies and leprechauns. This land, Northern Ireland, changed us and is forevermore branded in our hearts. Over our six months there this sweet thread wound us, and everyone there, together as friends. It is still as sweet and strong as it was when we first met those years ago.
     From the first time I met her she had a camera in one hand and a pencil in the other; creative juices always flowing and eyes always open. Not just open but sharply aware of beauty and magic all around.  She is the type of women who is wholly and perfectly themselves, no matter who they are around or what they are doing. It’s one of the reasons she is such an amazing artist. She sees and then infuses everything she touches with bits of her soul. How deep a soul it is.
    Needless to say this shoot was immensely precious. Being a photographer it is hard to be on the other end of the lens.  This beautiful friend of mine was entrusting me with one of the greatest honors.  It is my favorite shoot to date and I cannot wait to do it again.
     Mrs. S, You my friend are a rose in a field of thorns. Your heart, your friendship, your art, are all so freely given that you bring life and create life wherever you go. I am so grateful for your lasting friendship and mark on my life. You bless so many with your art, myself included, that I pray these images give back, even in part, what you give every day. I love you sweet friend.
  1. these are by far some of the sweetest most touching words I have ever read about myself. seriously, my heart feels like it might explode. I can't get over these photos. I probably never will. the way you see and immortalize beauty is incomprehensible. and as if that weren't enough, you have a way of making your subject feel like the fairest in the land from the moment you put the camera to your eye to the delivery of images. you are such a gift to me 🙂

  2. Rachel Canty says:

    WOW… Another shot of beauty Michelle. Mrs. S you have such this sweet and strong vulnerability in these photos. Love it.

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