Transformation in a Quarantine


This quarantined space has become a mirror-filled cave that invites facial cringing as my glance catches the untoward curves of my not-so-pleasant heart features. 

But it has also become a cocoon of personal growth and transformation. 

Young man sits against wallpapered, floral wall on over-turned chair blocking sun from his eyes
A man blocks sun from his face with outstretched arms

One where my uncomfortable pieces have space to be seen and held.

Where the time needed, to mull these features and enact real changes, is an abundant gift.  A gift of opportunity to alter their character and I will not let it rest unused.

Man sits on floor thinking

Turning my eyes to the source of these hurtful words, my eyes catch a glimpse of hidden wounds. Following trails back to their beginning, I begin digging out the weeds of lies that have formed permanent residence.

This dirty unveiling is necessary for the landscape of my heart to be changed. 

Man pressing hands together
Young man with sun on his face zips up jacket

Resolving my will to the painful steps ahead, I press into the pain. Knowing this uncomfortable cave is not hollow.

Gentle grace, the sweetest act I can extend to myself in these uncertain times…

And trust that what’s unfolding might just be the most beautiful season yet.

A young man next to an open window sits atop a chair back while looking at the camera

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