I'm Michelle Coppini, a military wife (to a stud of a man) with a big Italian heart for Jesus, family and friends. I just adore capturing authentic moments with my camera and spewing ideas on paper with my ballpoint pen.

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Glimpsing your heart over a good cup of coffee and then curating a journey specifically for you is what this is all about. You are the heart behind what I do. My sessions are as diverse as my clients but one goal always remains. To show you your worth so you believe you’re worth it. Your heart is a gem, your love is unique and your beauty is one of a kind. 

People are my passion and photography just happens to be my medium. Boudoir and Connection Sessions are my specialty but the BEST part of my job is YOU: meeting you, learning your individual tastes, getting to know your remarkable personality and hearing any of your fears. 

My ideal meal is under the open sky with the sound of laughter from family and friends, a small fire in the middle, a fabulous charcuterie board (goat cheese is a must) and a smooth glass of red wine. There may be some chocolate in there too.

Mangia! (insert  Italian accent  here...)

I may be half coffee...

Nothing beats a perfect handled mug of coffee with just the right amount of creamer….ok well maybe a smooth glass of red wine comes close.

Crazy cat lady?
 Or crazy dog lady?

Dog or cat ? What an awful question. Why should you have to choose?! (Great Dane & Maine coon…I’m a crazy dog and cat lady all at once)

Secret addiction...

I’m a nerd at heart and love to live in the dream world of books. (A good fantasy novel, especially ones with strong female  characters, are usually the ones you’ll find me lost in). My favorite book is usually the one I'm currently reading. I love sharing my latest find on 


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Board games and fabulous quotes. Game nights are the best way to spend time with friends and I'm a sucker for a quality one liner. Don't believe me? Check out my

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