Follow along a series of Journal entries where I recount my adventures with Dogwood Ranch.


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We believe that everyone deserves the chance to live the life for which they were created. Our mission is simple: to provide support for survivors of trauma as they journey towards wholeness.

We offer specialized support through our equine assisted counseling program, which focuses on bringing restoration to foster youth and other at-risk populations, including our honored military veterans and their families.

Through the operation of Dogwood Ranch, our desire is to allow those we serve a new way to experience life, family and true redemption. Everyone deserves a chance to find their way home.

Providing support for survivors of trauma as they journey towards wholeness.

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giving, kindness & love

I’ve been a recipient of their lavish love, witness to their stubborn belief in the hardest of youth cases. I have seen the messy spaces of their lives, extravagantly open to any in need.

I have witnessed, in their every day actions, the beautiful active love of our Heavenly Father, and there is no one I would rather partner with.


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Grand words lose their impact unless they are backed by grand actions. Grand actions that are sometimes simply the culmination of little mundane moments of giving, kindness and love. Everyday actions that display the reality of Christ's impact on your life. That your response to Jesus is not just an emotional reaction, but rather, His love has actually changed us and we in turn cannot help but love others like He loves us.

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To see the least of these as He sees them; to champion their best, walk them through pain, support them as they heal and blossom into their God designed identity. All under the roof of the messy sacred place we call home. 

Dogwood Ranch is one organization, a family really, who gives themselves to this purpose. Who have first received the lavish love of our heavenly Father and caught His contagious heart for the children and youth of Missouri.

To see that every foster youth and at-risk family within the heart of the Ozarks has the opportunity to function fully in their God-given gifts and destiny, impacting future generations.

We partner with highly experienced, licensed therapists and certified equine specialists in order to provide the highest quality of care to our clients. Healing Reins exists to assist children, youth, adults and families who are seeking emotional well-being, through the use of equine assisted counseling.

 Our program promotes individual and family growth by using the dynamic relationship between client and horse to assist in building trust, non-verbal and verbal communication skills, as well as self-awareness, self-control and coping skills.

Healing Reins


12-week program

The Haven is committed to provide safe housing through semi-private residences, assist in the development of healthy living through life skills training, and connect our young people to critical community resources. Statistics show that a significant number of foster youth who do not transition into adulthood connected to safe family will struggle with life altering difficulties including homelessness, extreme drug addiction and frequent incarcerations.

Our goal is to change those statistics by helping our residents to produce sustainable life changes that will allow them to succeed well into their adulthood and ensuring that they have a community of family-based support that will follow them for as long as is needed. 

The Haven


Meet Dana & BriAn

Brian and Dana have been married for 17 years and have had the privilege of being licensed foster parents for 14 years. They have loved pouring their heart and soul into dozens of foster youth during that time who needed someone to take a chance on them. They are also very involved in their fostering community, serving on various foster/adopt advisory boards and mentoring other foster families.

Brian currently serves as Dogwood Ranch’s COO and Dana as CEO. 



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