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Faith. Words. Imagery.
No one should journey alone.


writer, photographer, all-around creative 


Capturing moments with my pen and lens to  create a place where none of us journeys alone. 

I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to connect!

In it with you. In the questions, discovery, the awe and the awful. Writing it all down and capturing moments with my pen and lens. Hoping to create a place we can all link arms and know none of us journeys alone. 

It’s truly wonderful to meet you. You, my fellow hunter of beauty, wide-eyed and open to wonder all around you. 

I’m with you friend.



you are welcome here.

Whatever season you are in

Welcome to question. Welcome to doubt. Welcome to seek.
Welcome to be.

The Journal

I truly believe words and images have power.
 The power to transform and transport. 
The power to heal and the power to change.

In my creative journey, I have witnessed first hand the power of image. A glass lens and metal frame allow me to reveal beauty and connection in ways they may have never glimpsed before. It has been a tool that enables women to grasp their God-instilled beauty and see the reality that they are indeed dressed finer than the wild flowers.
Photography was my first artistic love, but this season has found me leaning more towards the lined pages of my leather bound-journal. This space is one where I will dive into the many seasons of life. Explore my personal journey and hopefully connect with you on yours.

The Journal

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You are the heartbeat behind why I love photography. Your present season and your unique story.

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I believe our Creator has endowed this earth and all in it with beauty and it is a joy to chase it; to hunt it in every day life. To live with eyes alive to the magic around us. 
Whether personal, travel, portrait, or just creative fun, the goal remains the same. To capture beautiful remnants of this wild life.


The definition of "Remnant" is a remaining or a trace. This is a summary of what I love about writing and photography. It is the driving “why” behind this business.
To capture authentic traces of life, people and places with words and through my lens.
Our life is a collection of events, seasons and experiences. What you have left over — the snippets of memories encapsulated in your journal or the tangible memorabilia of a photograph …these are all pieces of your story. 
These are pieces of mine, reflections on others, and I hope you see in them reflections of yours.

These are beautiful remnants.



"a remaining or a trace"

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Virginia based, Jesus loving, free spirit who specializes in intimate imagery and words that empower women and re-ignites passion for Christ.

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