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I’m Michelle Coppini, a photographer specializing in Boudoir and Couples photography. I am passionate about showing people their beauty. The beauty of their hearts and the beauty of their love.

You are the heartbeat behind why I love photography. Your present season, your unique story, your multifaceted gem of a heart. I long to know you so during our shoot I can capture all the many pieces that make up YOU. 





I 'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to meet you!

"If you are even considering booking a photography session with Michelle, don't hesitate just do it! "

I've done both a boudoir and maternity session with Michelle - I wish she could follow me around and be my professional photographer for life. The entire process is effortless - from the initial consultation, to the shoot itself, and to the grand photo reveal shortly after. Michelle takes the time to get to know you, asks you what you want out of the photoshoot, and assists you throughout the entire journey. Her personality also helps make the whole experience a lot of fun, no matter how timid or insecure you may feel about getting your photo taken.

Michelle is able to capture each individual's inner beauty and make them feel beautiful throughout the process. Each photography session with her is unique, and, it's hard to describe, but she always somehow perfectly captures the essence of your soul.

A photoshoot with Michelle is nothing like any other photoshoot. She doesn’t just pose you, put you in the awkward positions and then instruct you to smile…no, she creates beautiful moments by making you feel relaxed and reminds you why you fell in love with your spouse. The moments she captures are genuine and beautiful because they are raw and real. She creates an atmosphere of love and allows the deep parts of relationship, that others do not normally get to see, to peek through and shine in a stunning image you get to keep forever!

"A photoshoot with Michelle is nothing like any other photoshoot.. .she creates beautiful moments by making you feel relaxed and remind you why you fell in love with your spouse."

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Virginia based, free spirited Boudoir
and Couples photographer, specializing in intimate and adventurous imagery that empowers women and re-ignites connection.

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