I know, your family is probably amazing but I must say that families don’t come much finer than mine. (I am biased of course ;p).
   A little bit ago Dane and I had the chance to travel to Ferndale, CA  to be a part of his brother, Michaels, wedding. It was truly a special wedding. Not just because Sarah and Micheal are a perfect match (have been since high school) and are just absolutely meant to be together. But because their day was one of the most clear coming together of two families that I have ever seen. Beauty in every decoration and detail was magnified by the hands of the friends and family that brought them to life. It was the beauty of the hands and hearts that surrounded and celebrated them that made this day shine.    
Who is that hot officiant?! 😉 hehe. (He’s mine that’s who)
Mike cracked me up when he asked if we could do a “king and queen at court” pose. I think he was jumping on the chance to ‘rule’ his younger brothers.
     Micheal & Sarah, I am so so blessed to call you family. You two have such a solid foundation that I know whatever grows from it will be strong and lasting. I pray you two continue to invest in one another and that you cherish your differences and realize that in doing so you make those differences your strength. Also, in the words of Dane, “Just keep being awesome”. ;-). 
Love you guys!
  1. Colleen Summaria says:

    These pictures are precious and pick up the wonder of the day so clearly. Beautiful!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh, Michelle. *sigh* this are so stunning. you are so gifted, my darling friend.

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