My name is Michelle Coppini. I am a photographer, specializing in boudoir and connection journey’s.
I would like to welcome you to the Journal. It is a space to view my most recent work and read my current musings. I truly believe words and images have power and I hope mine bring joy, freedom and maybe a little healing to your day.







Hello friend !


Hi Dad, So many days…hours, minutes, seconds between us. And that darn clock just seems to keep ticking.  Filling then separating us with invisible but oh so tangible thing called time.An empty substance ever expanding in daily space.Marking the passing of each turn around the sun.Pushing your presence further away from this earthy home. 1095 […]

My sweet Cali girl, This morning is filled with a hollow emptiness. A tangible void in our home without your sweet self to fill it and I don’t know if it will quite ever the same. Your giant presence has left a giant absence in our hearts, a vacancy that reflects not just your dinosaur […]

“Prior to my shoot with Michelle I have done multiple boudoir shoots with other photographers. None of those have compared to this one. I am a very proud curvy girl and although I love my curves I still have those certain areas that I try to disguise and doing that in lingerie is not an easy […]

One foot up, the other down. Repeat. This motion carries me along a path. Different speeds depending on the day, the weather, my emotions…but the direction is the same.  Pressing onward, through the unknown, into dreams. Around a corner. Up one more hill. On my rocky path a figure appears. A brooding shape, tall and still. […]

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