Megan & Jeremy (part 2)


     I almost alway hear of how rough it is to convince a guy to do a photo shoot. So, I thought it would be good idea to get a first hand account from one. Below is Jeremy’s experience and no I didn’t bribe or pay him to write this! 
   “I was a little apprehensive when Megan told me we were going to be taking pictures. Was I forgetting a special date? No. Was I being set up for something? I hope not! But I love her and I knew how excited and how much it meant to her so I agreed”
  “On the drive to meet Michelle, Megan couldn’t stop talking about how awesome and energetic she as. How she wasn’t the typical photographer and how normal she would make you feel while shooting.  I nodded my head, but knew she was trying to make me feel better about this ‘spur of the moment, SURPRISE! photoshoot.”
 “However, upon meeting Michelle, she had this spunky attitude and I knew the next two hours wouldn’t be that bad.”
“She made us laugh, she made us joke, she made us tell each other things that we knew the other thought of but maybe never truly said.”
“I spent two hours seeing Meagan smile non-stop. I love her smile, and I fell in love again. It was the most unexpected fun I’ve had in a while” ~Jeremy

  1. Awww what a compliment to you Michelle… I love it. Photos came out great!

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