Why Boudoir?


    Boudoir. It’s a word that stirs emotions and immediately brings various images to mind. Sometimes they are glamourous images of fancy wardrobes. Other times it’s playboy bunnies in naughty, cheap poses. Or maybe it’s just thought’s of “Oh, are those nudy pics?”. If this is your view of Boudoir I am glad you’re reading this because I want to change it. I want to offer another definition and I hope you hear me out.
     A while ago I posted Reason #426. I posted this because I want people to know the reasons why I shoot Boudoir. By unveiling these reason’s I hope to alter peoples- your- view of Boudoir and what it entails.
Today I offer Reason #99:
   I firmly hold to this quote. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than a deep seeded belief that she IS BEAUTIFUL. Boudoir is one way I show women their beauty and strengthen this belief.
    See, sometimes we can’t see it on own. Sometimes we look around for beauty and forget to look in the mirror. Boudoir allows you to see that belief in a tangible way. It helps to bring that belief, that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, to reality. 
I want to stir this up in every woman I meet. 
You are beautiful and I want to show you.
  1. Rachel Canty says:

    Thank you for the reminder that I am beautiful! I agree with you that we tend to know what is beautiful when we look at other women but when it comes to looking in the mirror we see all is our faults. So, Thank you for reminding us that we are all beautiful!

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