A Fair-ly odd couple


     Well, ok so they’re not odd at all. I was just trying to be witty with some word play ;-). What they are, however, is an extremely in love husband & wife. They were gracious enough to let me excitedly run them around our local fair to take some fun pictures.
     I think I had a mini epiphany during this session. My couples are the most fun couples I know. No, seriously. My couples are up for anything. They will try anything I ask and often come up with their own fun ideas along the way. I also learned a very important lesson…but more on that later on in this post.

     This is where I learned an important lesson. You see, I joined Emily & Jon on this ride. I thought I could get some fun shots if I was actually ON the ride rather than just below watching.What I didn’t know was that this ride just about went upside down! (I should have taken the hint when the ride guy kept shaking his head and telling me what I nice camera I had).
     Needless to say, I will NOT be doing that again. I did snap this lil guy right before I death gripped my camera and held on for dear life. As you can tell me and my camera survived.

     This shoot reminded me of something very important. See, normally I shoot couples who are in the “twitter-pated” season of love. Emily & Jon are in the season of love that is often less outward but usually much deeper. It reminded me that love will always grow when it is guarded.
     Emily & Jon, photographing you two was delightful. I just adore you both and it is clear that you cherish your marriage and are comfortably better together than you are on your own. I pray you continue to grow the love you have, and never stop having un-inhibited fun together.

  1. Rachel Canty says:

    I think this is the most fun shoot that you have done so far. Looking through your photos, I can just imagine all three of you guys laughing and just being a kid. It brought so many kid memories about just having fun and living in the moment. I am so glad that you and your camera survived. I love the shoot right before you went upside down. It is a picture of pure joy and excitement! 🙂

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