Away in a manger.


     This Christmas it has struck me what it means to be “Born in a manger”. Dane grew up on a dairy farm and we have been spending the last few days surrounded by barns. Some are your imaginations reality; red and white with beautiful sliding doors, a few spotted cows grazing, sheep dozing and surrounding green pastures that roll on and on. Most barns are not this.
     Most barns are filthy. Most barns have a pungent odor you can taste (not in a good way). Most barns are pretty much the opposite of every Christmas card you have ever received. They are functional, sturdy and basic. They are not made with much thought, never decorated and definitely not made with comfort in mind.

And it was to this piece of earth that Christ came.
His first breath a dusty inhale.
His first pillow a sheep bed.
His crib a cow feed.

The King was born in a barn.

Joy to the world.

My King, a barn.


I inhale the dusty air of Dane’s family barn. Christ came in the most humble way and it is literally JOY to the world! What a different kind of King and a backwards upside down kingdom that says royalty can be found in the lowliest of places. A King who came to the lowliest places to be the highest gift.

What a perfect King.
My King, my Joy.
He is the reason the angles sang “Glory to God in the highest”.

     He is Joy to the world.  When I really think about Him, joy just seems seems to flow. It fills me to overflowing. Ever growing and taking over my heart.
     I pray this Christmas you spend time with family. I hope you open plenty of gifts and eat more than your fill. But mostly I pray you encounter the King.  Born in the most approachable way so that any may come and see.

It is with full heart that I wish you a Merry Christmas!

  1. That is really beautiful Michelle!Just like you!Merry Christmas and thank you for making mine this year!Love you xoxo

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the insights you gave in this blog. "Born in the most approachable way …."

    So True!!

  3. Rachel Canty says:

    Merry Christmas Friend!!! I hope you had a good one! Thanks for the daily reminder of what Christmas is about

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