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Been sitting on these photos for so long the bun came out of the oven already. As a military spouse the concept of moving and starting over again is no stranger. Every move tears mingle with excitement as saying goodbye to home means a new adventure awaits. Thoughts always make their way through my mind, ”You won’t find friends like these,” and every time that thought is proved poor judgement. The move to Clovis was beyond trepidatious as it was a move during one of the hardest seasons of my life, from one of the best communities I have ever been a part of, to a literal physical desert.      Our first weeknight (and following weekend or two) in Clovis was spent in a not-well-taken-care-of TLF (to explain things let me just say that another spouse was evacuated from their TLF room after enduring 3 nights of repeated bed bug & flea bites). The waiting list to live on base was 3 months long and we just couldn’t seem to find the right place to rent.
Insert the Westcotts.
     They asked us over for dinner and I still remember excitedly begging Dane to RSVP, my fingers crossing in elementary school fashion as I wished for this couple to be our instant friends.
     We knocked on their door and Adam’s friendly face was there to welcome us in his gregarious, chill  & intentional PNW way. Their Boxweiler, Belle, was wiggly-butted trying to insert her sweet self between us. Olivia’s bright smile and blond hair greeted me with mirrored enthusiasm.
     Five minutes in and I found myself having an internal dialogue, “calm down and don’t be overexcited about trying to be her friend”. I was just certain I would scare Olivia away as it felt like a “love at first sight” friends episode and I was struggling to contain my delight at meeting such an amazing couple.
      Well, fast forward four hours and a couple margarita’s and as I’m divulging our TLF fate, Olivia, without missing a beat, tells me that should we need a place to stay, their doors were open.
     In hindsight, this may have been an offer to spend the night so we wouldn’t have to drive home after the marg’s but the next week we took them up on it and moved in to call their home ours for the next two and a half months.
   This is the kind of people they are. Two of the biggest hearts I know. Giving of everything they have and generous with every gift. Being under their roof and living daily life with them only cemented the fact that my first impression was correct; they are quality and I want them as my besties.
     I regularly witnessed Adam wake up early on a Saturday morning to cook Olivia breakfast in bed or to clean the house just because he knew Olivia would appreciate it. I witnessed Adam give his all, everyday, to work, friends and home. I saw him spend his time in such a way that all of us in his circle of friends felt known and seen. He was always present in the moment but wisely planning for the future.
     I saw Olivia give and give at work (as a PA… a job that can suck the life out of even the most tender heart) only to come home and rush out to bring dinner to a friend in need. Or offer me (still grieving the death of my Dad) a shoulder to cry on and an attentive listening ear. I saw her strength and gumption as she fought for those under her care. Offering her NY grit to patients and friends alike. Fighting to bring them care packaged in one of the kindest blends of heart and smarts that I’ve ever seen. She is one of the feistiest, strongest, loving, selfless and tender mix of hearts that I have ever met (and I get to call her bestie).
They gave their time.
They gave their belongings.
They gave and give all their hearts.
     Gaining them as friends truly made Clovis feel like home. Calling them friends will make any place feel like home. Having them as friends will just make your life all around better.
   I know little Addison James is going to be just fine. She’s got two amazing parents and if they love her with even a smidgen of the love they show to others… she might just change the world.


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