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Hello friend! So, it has been FAR to long since I’ve blogged. To be honest I think I started concentrating on being somewhat consistent on Instagram (consistancy in social media NOT my strength) and I just let my blog fall to the wayside, but fret not my pet!  I’m back and I promise to use this Journal to display beautiful content and encouraging words.

Speaking of beautiful…*ahem… these two.

Two of the loveliest souls I know. Beautiful inside and…do I even have to say it? ;p


Kadi and Kyle have trusted me from the beginning. From the beginning of their dating days, into their engagement season, through their breathtaking “I Do” moment and every year since.

The trust they place in me, to capture their ever evolving love, is something I cherish deep in my heart.

Every shoot is new; new in location, new level of love between them, new killer wardrobe chosen by Kadi’s fashion eye. Every shoot a new layer of them is peeled back and I get to walk a littler deeper into who they are.


While photographers, hopefully, always show you at your best I do believe it’s a photographers job to dig a little beyond the “good”. It is the “knowing” that gets you there. Understanding you, experiencing the unique connection you have with your partner allows a photographer bring depth in their images.

Open doors in a photography session only open to rooms of sweet connection in your images.

This connection is what I want to capture.

Their connection is something sweet and tender.

For me it’s the way Kyle looks at Kadi while we shoot. How he drinks her in and his non-verbals still scream “I can’t believe she’s mine”.

It’s the way Kadi’s smile lights up when she’s in his arms. How her goal is always to make Kyle laugh till his eyes squint and her goal is always met with ease.

These two so clearly delight in one another that it makes my job pure joy.

Kadi & Kyle, Spending a sunset with you guys is like taking time to catch up with dear friends. As the years pass it is truly my honor to catch snap shots of your changing love. Whether a spring season or dry desert one, I know you two are the perfect partners for one another. Able to compliment one another as only the best matched dancing pairs can.

I just love you two and can not wait until we have our next photography adventure.


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