My name is Michelle Coppini. I am a photographer, specializing in boudoir and connection journey’s.
I would like to welcome you to the Journal. It is a space to view my most recent work and read my current musings. I truly believe words and images have power and I hope mine bring joy, freedom and maybe a little healing to your day.







Hello friend !


Raise your hand if you crave adventure? If your soul longs to engage new experiences? If your heart aches to see storybook places and walk along historical roads? I’d wager everyone reading this has their hand raised. Oh, sure some of us are ‘crave adventure’ more than others, but what if adventure looks different to […]

These two…they are two of the SWEETEST individuals I have ever met. (They’re like two hot chocolate chip cookies put together with a scoop of ice cream and served on a hot day…who doesn’t love that and crave more of it in their life?!). Meet Kristie and Kent. (You want to meet them trust me.) […]

I’m excited to share this post so I hope you are excited to read it. I’m excited because this couple is composed of two of my favorite people and I feel like blogging them is somewhat like an introduction.  Allow me to introduce you to the couple whose house and hearts burst artistic talent and deep […]

Hello friend! So, it has been FAR to long since I’ve blogged. To be honest I think I started concentrating on being somewhat consistent on Instagram (consistancy in social media NOT my strength) and I just let my blog fall to the wayside, but fret not my pet!  I’m back and I promise to use this […]

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