Kristie & Kent


These two…they are two of the SWEETEST individuals I have ever met. (They’re like two hot chocolate chip cookies put together with a scoop of ice cream and served on a hot day…who doesn’t love that and crave more of it in their life?!).

Meet Kristie and Kent. (You want to meet them trust me.)

Kristie was one of the first friends I made in NM. One lunch was all it took to convince me that she was someone I just had to be friends with. She was kind, welcoming, easy to laugh and as chill as they come. A little while later I was able to see Kristie in action and was just blown away by her talent.

This girl has the magical talent of transformation.(no seriously she’s amazing) She can take any woman, any age, shape, race and transform them into whatever they desire.

Fierce and flirty? No problem.

Natural glowing beauty? She’s got it.

Dark dramatic grunge? Yup, she can do that too.

One time in her makeup chair and you will be finding any excuse to sit under her calming touch.

More than her magical make-up talent Kristie is straight up a delight. When you’re around her you’ll find yourself lowering guards and settling in as if you’ve known her your whole life. I think it’s because her relaxed and easy personality naturally creates this space of complete acceptance. She almost involuntarily fosters connection, calling out to that little piece in all of us that longs for deep bonds…Then I met Kent.

Kent is the epitome of a solid guy.The first time I met Kent I immediately noticed his smile. It was easy, inviting and the perfect match to Kristies. Kent’s presence is unassuming but when he quietly made some super sarcastic comment that had me reacting in: 1. shock that this came out this quite guy I just met and 2. surprise that this steady, happy guy could was discretely witty and full of humor, I quickly came to the conclusion 3. they were clearly perfect for each other and I wanted more of them in my life.

My first assessment of this couple was pretty spot on. They are the couple you want to spend time with, ask over for dinner, hope you bump into at the store and just all around go out of your way to spend time with.

Oh, and did I mention that they are without a doubt one of the sweetest couples I know.

They’re walking proof that young love (high school sweet hearts to be exact) can stand the test of time. That you can grow together, even when you start out early, becoming your own as you walk through some of the most formative years in your life, and still remain as affectionate towards one another as you were the day you met.

Kristie & Kent,

You two are my favorite and I am beyond grateful for your easy friendship in my life. I hope you know your love for each other, and those around you, transforms even the driest places. Thank you for making Clovis feel like home. For being friends I know I can lean on, laugh with, count on and just plain enjoy life with.

You two are the best!


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