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I’m excited to share this post so I hope you are excited to read it. I’m excited because this couple is composed of two of my favorite people and I feel like blogging them is somewhat like an introduction.  Allow me to introduce you to the couple whose house and hearts burst artistic talent and deep love for those around them. Meet Sam and Joyful Enriquez.

I actually became friends with Sam first. I met him at our home church group and after the first conversation turned towards the deep end of life I knew he was someone I wanted to befriend.

A fellow ENFP, his bubbly personality, personal insight, heart depth and just talented creative self made him an instant friend. Sam is as easy going as he is deep; going with the flow of life and soaking up the rain/sun/snow/…whatever the weather, with a smile and positive outlook that can see the gravity of any serious situation and still stir up hope. His presence in a group brings life, joy and the happiness often equated with puppies. He is someone you’ll find yourself describing as “Oh, man I love Sam! He’s the best”.

Then… along came Joyful. (Funny enough I was actually present for their “first date” but that’s another story for another day.)

My first memories of Joyful were overwhelmed with the observation that she was in fact a quiet (initially endearingly awkward) observer. Smiling at the loud shenanigans going on around her, and kindly enjoying the diversity of company. She was the quintessential introvert who just happened to turn out to be the perfect balance for Sam.

Sam fell in love and I fell into fast friendship with this “quiet”, thoughtful heart who turned out to be anything but the fragile delicate flower I took her for that first meeting.

Joyful surprises you with her feisty passion.

She is full of strength and a deep well of life learned wisdom. Her story is bursting with second chances, redemption, healing and her namesake. She’s someone you can converse with about ANYTHING and know it will be received with love and treasured with honored trust. You know you are accepted by a heart that is loyal and true.

Her passion for art reaches far past her brush and the fusing of this art and heart is clearly seen in every piece she produces.

While Sam’s love is bold and loud, hers is steady and true. While she thrives in the routine steps of every day, Sam shines in the sporadic.  Opposite in so many ways yet they truly balance each other.

As a close friend I have had a front seat to more of the intimate workings of their marriage. They’ve had their ups and downs (hello any marriage right?). Finding the balance when two worlds collide can take time, patience and compromise. It takes persistence and a whole lot of love to arrive at a peaceful place between individuals.

These two have fought for this.

They have fought for each other with the persistence only real love can offer. And as a result are not just “balanced” but coming into a season of flourish that can only be reached with a bond as solid as theirs.

Sam & Joyful – (Happy birthday to you both…I know Sam it’s a little late but better late than never right?)

I hope you both know I consider you family so you are stuck with me. I have grand plans of growing old and grey together and on the way speckling our friendship with several trips to Hawaii (possibly on a house boat).

You two are some of the deepest souls I know. I pray this year brings new levels of healing, freedom and success. That you both would walk in extravagant favor; experiencing the lightness that comes from KNOWING what you are doing delights your Father.

I KNOW He beams with pure pride when he sees you two. Watching you walk out callings and step into your destinies. Who you are is a testament to what happens when a couple chases dreams to big to happen with out a Big God.

I love you both so much and with you a double portion of blessings this year!


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