I didn’t know how to begin this post. Not wanting to come across as “See how loved I am!” I almost didn’t write it. But really this post is about the quality people around me. It is about how lavishly they love and how my heart has been floating on this gift for the last week. This post is about the ones I call friends and claim as family.

34 isn’t a wow age. People don’t normally throw huge parties (like your sweet 16, 21, 30 or 50th..etc). It’s just kind of in the middle. Two numbers marking my ascent into my “mid” thirties and the passing of another wonderful year.

The number might not be special but this birthday was one of the sweetest. 

This birthday my friends loved on me in such sweet intentional ways that joyful tears flowed as freely as my unhindered smile.

It was sweet because my friends rallied and spent their precious time orchestrating a surprise. Friends who are also known as my military sisters. Who have become “sister wives”; as each deployment tightly pulls the strings that wrap us in this AFSOC bubble. Strings I gladly welcome as they knit our hearts in a common experience others just don’t quite understand.

 This post is for them.

It is for my second family who chose to drive hours (with two youngsters) just to be with me and help me with my elderly Great Dane.

It was the fact that they chose to see me over spending a week at a stunning lodge in the beauty of the Colorado mountains. That they would spend five nights with me in my humble home, giving up a lavish vacation, just because the thought of me being alone during my birthday was just not ok.

It was my new soul sister, gifting me with words and a prophetic gift that encouraged me in deepest parts.

It was her planning a time of gifting words from all my friends, then each friend verbalizing a unique part of my heart that they see and know.

It was my husband overseeing all this while deployed and fighting battles that are far more important than a birthday ever will be.

It was his long letter and multiple video calls to make sure my day was perfect and I KNEW how much he loves me.

It was my moms EXTRAVAGANT/completely unexpected gift that answered a very specific prayer about finances for a totally unnecessary but deeply desired back yard project. It was the fact that she didn’t blink when she offered this gift and then took the time to send me a sweetly written birthday card.

It was the fact that the Lord heard my unnecessary prayer request and answered it in hours. Proving once again that His love for me is beyond my imagination, His kindness is not bound by worldly finances or my expectations and His heart forever longs for me to run to Him for everything…especially what I deem to be impossible.

This birthday love has been the gift.

The gift wrapped in smiles of family and friends. Generously and freely offered from the best people on earth and best Father that has ever existed and will ever be.

I am loved.

By a good good Father.

By a fairy tale worthy husband.

By a novel worthy family.

By movie worthy friends.

  1. Eileen says:

    Sooooo Beautiful! Truly loved! 💗

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