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A little bit ago I had the immense pleasure of going on a road trip with some of the brightest souls I know. We stopped any time we wanted, explored sand dunes, ate AMAZING food, shopped in local boutiques, stayed up late drinking wine in hot tubs and over all laughing in pure enjoyment of each others company.

Adventures like this are what my soul lives for.

These two ladies are often, like me, on the other side of the lens using their mad skills to transform clients.

Highlighting, accenting and outlining the best in every person. They may use physical tools (makeup and hair products to be exact) to accomplish this but the heart they both infuse into the process is what truly shines.

Meet local grown makeup extraordinaire Kristie Wilson and military transplant coffee brewing/hair master Lexie Humphreys. Both of these ladies are full of light, skills and enough talent to transform the entire state of New Mexico.

Shooting them was was pure joy and everything about this weekend was a delight exploring one of most unique settings I have ever seen.

Wardrobe that mimicked the free spirit souls of our little tribe.

Endless bouts of laughter at absolutely nothing.

Wind blown hats and ensuing dune chasing. (see photos above for proof ;p)

These two girls are the best and I’d choose them as road trip buddies again and again.

It’s not just the fact that Kristie can see any makeup inspiration photo and translate better than the original. Or the fact that anytime someone sits in Lexies chair they leave feeling like they could be cast in a hair commercial.

I believe these two ladies are as good as they are because every time a client (soon to be friend) sits under their care they gather all the kindness and love in their giant hearts, and they pour it into every move of their talented hands.

They truly care for their clients; their kindness is genuine and the lightness you feel when they’re done might be because fragments of their bright light has reflected on you.

Spending a weekend with these bright souls was just what my artist heart needed.

For me, it always comes back to the person in front of my lens. Oh, I enjoy the clothes, choosing locations (especially when it’s as epic White Sands) playing with hair and makeup and puzzling together mood boards. But what I always come back too is the obvious fact that my camera is simply metal and plastic and these things are all parts of the bigger whole.

My real passion is people, and photography is always a means to revealing the loveliness around me.

Kristie & Lexie,

It was probably the best ‘problem’ of the evening; laughing so much you can’t keep a straight face. Between the fly away hats, leaping/running adventures and over all silliness that ensued this night I’m legitimately surprised we got any “serious” shots. Not that it was ever about that.

Simply put, you two are radiant. The intrinsic glow your hearts emit rivals even the brightest day in White Sands and I hope when you see these images you not only see the many facets of your complex heart but the light that you both selflessly display.

Love you girls and can’t wait for our next adventure (I’m thinking Germany ?;p)



P.S. I will NOT be packing sun screen in my purse and taking a nap on it.





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