Desert Baby Bumps



Raise your hand if you crave adventure? If your soul longs to engage new experiences? If your heart aches to see storybook places and walk along historical roads?

I’d wager everyone reading this has their hand raised. Oh, sure some of us are ‘crave adventure’ more than others, but what if adventure looks different to each of us?

Maybe adventure looks like far off places, unknown menu items and indistinguishable dialects.

Or maybe it looks like home.

Maybe it looks like new life.

Unknown parenting roles and sleepless nights. Burp cloths and bath time.

Maybe it looks likes endless diaper changes and bottle feedings. 

Maybe it’s glimpsed in that first smile (or first blow out).

Maybe it looks like two hands holding, walking into unknown territory. Unknown territory of a known roof and familiar walls.

Maybe the beginning of earth’s sweetest adventure begins as a dream.

A hope for family, one held quiet in a mother’s womb. Nurtured and cherished in a silent space til the day of birth as one loud declaration.

This adventure- one where growth occurs in blinks and life as you know it expands in the sweetest of ways.

Perhaps this is the greatest adventure of them all…

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