5 Reasons why every couple should book a travel photographer on their next trip.


It’s time! You are finally going on a couple’s vacation. Headed to a beautiful place you’ve had Pinned in your “Travel” board for ages. You have saved up, prepped for weather, scoured the internet for the “must see” spots, asked your friends for any tips they might offer and packed adorable instagram worthy outfits. The tickets are purchased, rental car arranged and AirBnB’s booked. You’ve even left some room in your bags for souvenirs.

Couples photoshoot in Tuscany
Couples travel shoot in Italy

My husband and I started collecting Christmas ornaments as souvenirs. We have one from almost every place we’ve adventured and pulling them out over the holidays is like a walk down memory lane. Our tree shines with stories from our years traveling, each one holding a tale we relive as we unwrap and hang them in the perfect spot.

Couples travel photography in Tuscany

There is one other souvenir we are always sure to bring home. One that is more personal than an ornament and one that, I am 100% positive, every traveler brings home as well.

PHOTOS! I mean who doesn’t come back from a trip with these right?!

Couples photography in Scotland
Travel couples photography in Isle of Skye

Photos are the ultimate souvenir. Personalized snapshots of the most memorable moments of your vacation. But let’s be honest, sometimes our travel photos just don’t look like the images on our Pinterest board. You know what I’m talking about. You go to the EXACT spot in that one photographic location you’ve been dreaming about and after you snap your image it just isn’t quit the same. This my friends, is the first ‘why’ you should have professional photos taken on your trip.

Couples travel photography in Ireland
Couples travel photography Ashford Castle Ireland

Reason #1: Photos from a professional.

Your photo-taking skills can be fantastic but it’s nothing like that of a professional. I mean, it’s also one of the reasons why people pay us. Ha! No one is telling you to stop taking iPhone photos but hiring a professional photographer on your travels can almost guarantee you come home with print worthy art. Also, a professional will not only know great ‘spots’ to shoot but have the skills necessary to capture you and those spots well.

Couples travel photography Ashford Castle

Reason #2: Each shoot is a fun experience.

Traveling is about seeing historical sites, meeting new people and immersing yourself in different cultures. It’s tasting local fair and trying new delicacies. It’s doing things you’ve never done in places you’ve never been. Traveling is one giant experience and whether it’s boudoir or a couples shoot, a photography session in your adventure is going to do nothing but add to it.

Reason #3: Capture a reconnection.

Dane and I love traveling together. Some of our most cherished memories were made galavanting across this big beautiful world of ours. Traveling is our time not just to escape but to reconnect. There is just something about getting away with him that creates the space to refresh as a couple and take time to stir up new dreams. If traveling is the beautiful setting to reconnect with your love then why not take some time to capture some that with professional photos. Capture these moments in this setting so you have snapshots of the fresh reconnection.

#4: Once in a lifetime.

Yes, it’s true for every moment but for special vacations its exceptionally evident.  You’ll never have the same trip again. Think back to the last few trips you took. Chances are your memory is flooded with scenes, smells, fits of laughter, wrong turns and vivid interactions. Traveling is one giant adventure and even if you go back to the the same place it’s never quite the same. So, why not capture it?

#5: The ultimate souvenir.

How many magnets do you have from your travels? (Or, if you’re in Clan Coppini, Christmas ornaments). Not saying these things are bad ideas (our Christmas tree is one giant walk down memory lane) BUT what if you could combine the unique beauty of the land you’re visiting WITH the depth of a wonderfully unique personal touch?? Something that would stir up memories more than cheap nicknacks or mass-produced chotskies?

Travel shoots produce just this: personal artwork that instantly transports you every time you glance at it.

Dane and I just went on our 10-year anniversary trip to Hawaii and did just this.

I spent months researching photographers (don’t worry there’s another post about “hiring the right photographer” coming soon) and found the perfect match in Lindsey Roman.  https://lindseyroman.com/

Some of our photos are below and you guys, BEST SOUVENIR EVER!

These images will be cherished in our home for years to come. They not only capture our Clan Coppini playful and deep love, but highlight Maui’s beautiful terrain in a tangible way.

This art, this personal beauty printed on paper, is hands down the ultimate souvenir.

If you’re interested in booking me for for your travel session head on over to my Travel Page to see my current travel schedule. If I’m not scheduled already I am always down for an adventure. 

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