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   I read once that “A friend is someone who makes it easy to believe in yourself” ~Heidi Wills. What a gift this is and what a gem true friends are. Someone who cheers you on to your best, champions you in your endeavors,  supports you in all you do and sees your best even if it is not currently present.
   I want to be this type of friend and my goodness I have been blessed with friends like this. Ones who celebrate my art, participate in it, and are constantly encouraging me to create more beautifully. Encouraging me to be my best and constantly learn from my short comings. This shoot was made possible by my crazy gem friends.
   From the stunning model, talented hair and MUA, artistic calligrapher and fabulous wedding planner. Each one dear dear friends. Each one bringing their amazing talents to the table to make this shoot come to life. This shoot is a collaboration of love and I hope you see the thought, the effort, the art and the time that went into this. It was an absolute honor to work with these friends of mine and I can’t wait to share more of these styled shoots in the future.

   When we collaborate with artists instead of compete magic happens. My hope is these images stirred in you a desire to do your best. To create with the community that is around you and to be the type of friend who champions this is those who surround you. 
Planner: Caroline Kellenbence of Ivey Weddings & Events; Instagram: @iveyweddings
Photographer: Michelle Coppini of Remnant Boudoir; Instagram: @michellecoppini
Prints/Stationery: Sally Griffis of The Wallflower LIfe; Instagram: @sallygriffis
Make Up & Hair Artist: Norianne Respole Instagram: @norianne_respole
Bridal Lingerie: BHLDN weddings; Instagram: @bhldn 

  1. You are that kind of friend… Another amazing photoshoot I hope your colleges feel the same about you and your talents

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