Mrs. D


     Meet Mrs. D. I say it all the time but I don’t think people believe me. Boudoir is for all shapes, all sizes and ALL AGES. Whatever season of life you are in deserves to be celebrated and Mrs. D came in ready to party.
     I was excited to shoot her and even more excited when she said she would let me share a few of her images and write a bit about her Journey. Read a little bit about her Journey in her words below.

     “I married very young and was widowed at the age of 49. It was the first time in my adulthood that
‘I’ was just ‘me’. But who was I? It’s taken a few years, a few trials and errors, but I’ve concluded that ‘just I’ is just fine.”

     “At first the idea of a boudoir shoot at my age was scary; but Michelle made me very comfortable and brought out the sexy in me I hadn’t felt in years! Thank you for taking me on one of the most exhilarating and fun-filled journeys I’ve yet to experience!” ~Mrs. D

Mrs. D,
     From our connection to the personal props and sun on the beach. Your shoot was one I’ll never forget. Thank you so much for letting me share you images with other and I hope it instills bravery in other women who may have the same fears as you and like you I hope they feel sexier than they have in years!

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