It is a new year and it to me it feels like a different life. Some of you may know that this December my dad passed away. Life has continued but it is not the same as before.  I doing fine, really “Ok” seems to be the word dominating my vocabulary.  But a few weeks ago I was trying to figure out how to carry this heavy emptiness and still create from my fractured heart and I realized that I never fully blogged our Italy trip from last year. Not only that but I had forgotten some of our favorite spots.
    Consenza being one of those.
It is not on national geographics “Must See” cities in Italy. 
It has a beauty all its own but you probably will not see images in your local travel magazine.
I would argue, unless you have Italian blood, you probably haven’t even heard of this city.
Oh, we went to the “top spots” on our trip, but that is not why Cosenza was our favorite.
     No, it was by far our favorite time on our Italy trip because this portion of the trip was all about family. It was meeting my cousins and realizing that we would want to be friends with them even if we weren’t related. Walking on ground my ancestors walked on; sitting in their homes, driving their streets, eating their food. Going back to where the Summaria’s first began and seeing how far they have come. There was a richness in heritage that I had only dreamed of experiencing. 
This site was supposedly the location of a Saint performing a miracle. 
Dane and Antonio decided to reenact it.
  Looking at these pictures reminds me that your family is forever. 
 No matter where they are, when they lived or what they do. 
Across oceans and time family remains.
What a gift this is.

Antonio and every other precious Summaria,   I am Beyond blessed to be part of your family. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for making us feel at home and closer than the “distant cousins” we started out as.
You are as quality as they come and I can’t wait to visit again. 

  1. Love it!!! We did something similar in 2007. Fun to see that life and visit oh so distant relatives that you didn't even know. I am glad you got to blog about your trip after your dad's passing

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