For the joy of it…


    Shooting for yourself.
    Every shoot should be this way. It’s something I strive for with all my clients, this free creativity, but theres just an ease that I have when I’m shooting for pure joy of it. Shooting Mrs. E was just what I needed, something out of the norm from what I do.  Even though the scenery changed the heart of what I do remained the same.
    My desire for my clients, aka my friends, is that they would experience freedom through these Journey’s. That they would celebrate body love, acceptance and even release (if it’s needed). That through this experience they would come to love themselves a little more; flaws, imperfections…all of it. It doesn’t matter if I’m shooting for myself or a client this heart beat is steady and true.

     I myself am still on this journey. Regularly fighting the negative voices that seem to unknowingly creep in. I know the struggle is real but I also know freedom is sometimes as close as a deliberate choice.  A choice to stop thoughts when they want to accusingly scream at you.
   Today I want to encourage you to take a step. Just one step, maybe just a half step, towards freedom.  If you don’t have it in you to speak positively over yourself , that is ok. Start with stoping the negative thoughts. That choice, to not entertain berating negative ideas, can be the first step towards your freedom. 
    You are beautiful.
    You are loved.
    You are cherished just as you are, before change, before you “get in shape” or “lose 10lbs”.
    Today may we be women of the half step. Treading the path of freedom so together we might show each other what body love and worth is truly about. Loving yourself in the now, not in the “Someday” or “eventually”.
Mrs. E, 
    Over this past year I have come to deeply cherish your friendship. Your heart and kindness are contagious and your unassuming free spirit is enough to lighten any person around you. How you lead everyone you teach into peace and release is just amazing. Truly you’ve ruined me when it comes to Yoga because I don’t know how anyone will fill your shoes. (For reals!). I love you so much sweet friend. I hope you see a bit of your free-spirit in these images and are constantly reminded of your inner beauty and strength when you look at them.
Love you E.

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