Shooting at home.


One of my favorite places to shoot. 
    Well, one of them anyways. When you are in the military the concept of home becomes something a bit more mobile than normally understood. Home becomes any place family is. And family is this ever enlarging entity that encompasses the wonderful individuals around you. 
    This gal is my family.
   Mrs. J walked into my life as a client and quickly etched a permanent place in my heart. Her goofy humor is only outmatched by her oversized heart. She has this way of causing anyone around her to be a little kinder, or at the very least desire to be.
    Maybe it’s the way she sees the world through the eyes of gentle mercy. Or the way she actively loves and pursues her friends and families. Whatever it is Mrs. J is one amazing woman and I am one lucky girl to call her friend (aka Family).
     Mrs. J, I love you my forever earth worm friend ;p. You are a true God send. (Like literally I think God just knew I needed an amazing quality friend like you in my life and dropped you in my lap).  You and J have just become staples in our every day life. The two we always want to hang out with and the ones we know we can always count on. 
     You are amazing and I know that wherever this crazy life takes us our friendship will continue. Thank you for loving me well, for being loyal and true. For putting up with my sometimes intense personality and for always making me feel cherished.
   You are one of a kind Mrs J. A Beauty all your own and incomparable in its uniqueness. May the truth of that statement be known deep down in you bones. 
  Till our next adventure.
     ~ Your fellow earth worm.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Every time I think your photos can not get any more spectacular and beautiful, they do! You are such a wonderful talent. God bless your beautiful heart, your kind words, and the hand of friendship and grace that you offer to so many women. I know you really made me feel beautiful at my shoot not only because of the photos, but because of your positive words. In short, you are amazing. 🙂
    Mrs. W 🙂

  2. Wow… I love the staircase shots… It looks like she is praying a very intense prayer to God… Love that you were able to capture such intensity but a volubility too.

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