In the words of Mrs. C



“Ok, let’s start from the beginning….
The idea of doing a boudoir shoot was always just that….an idea that sat in the back of my mind for a long time. It wasn’t until I saw her shoot with my friend that I knew she had to be the one to do mine. I never thought I would book one as soon as I did, but the impending move motivated me to book sooner than later.”

“I did not love my body at its state when we shot and of course I told myself that I wanted to wait until I looked my best before undressing half naked in front of a camera….yeah….that would’ve been a loooong wait haha.”

“I may not have had my ideal body at the time, but I told myself just to do it anyway, don’t miss this opportunity because you are not happy with how you look. Quit being ashamed of your body and think of everything it’s been through and everything its accomplished.”

“So I did it, I stopped caring about how I would look for the shoot and instead focused on everything positive that would come from it and the excitement I felt as the day got closer.”

“On shoot day I was a little nervous, especially since I had never done a shoot like this before and still thinking about how my “rolls” would look on camera…eeeeek….ok breathe everything will be fine…I think…at least that’s what I told myself and guess what, everything was fine!”

“I really did feel comfortable with Michelle and she brought “it” out of me. It really was a fun experience. We laughed and had a good time between poses that were slightly awkward at first but when you see the pictures you really get why.”

“Overall it almost felt like I was just hanging out with my girlfriend and she’s just taking half naked photos of me…no big deal. Michelle’s vibe is very warm and welcoming, her whole aura is very inviting and she reminds me of the type of woman that everyone wants to be friends with.”

“When the highly anticipated ordering day I so anxiously waited for had arrived, I could not be more nervous to see how everything came out. I felt even more nervous than the day of the shoot and the days leading up to it. In my head I kept thinking, please please please just look good in one of them….what do you know I ended up buying the digitals because I loved all of them.”

“There were no words to describe how I felt as I looked through the images she was showing me…I automatically had to fight back tears because it had been a long time since I had felt happy about looking at myself in a photo and judging everything that was wrong with my appearance.”

“In this case, had I let myself, I would have been crying tears of joy. I could not believe how good everything came out. In that moment, I realized I could have been ANY size and still felt the way I felt looking at these photos. I did not even know I was capable of whatever that was in those pictures!!”

“And the best part….my husband’s reaction to the photos…he could not keep his mouth closed. I would definitely recommend my friends and strangers on the street to do a boudoir shoot with Michelle! Just overall an awesome experience” – Mrs. C

Mrs. C, 

Thank you so much for bearing, not just your bum, but your heart ;p. You are the reason I am passionate about this boudoir photography job of mine. Truly my heart is for every woman to have the experience you described and while some have this experience with other photographers (and I am just grateful they are having it), I am always honored when I am able to be a part of it. Especially, when that woman is as amazing as you.

Till our next Journey,


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