It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day.


    I’ve been MIA lately and figured it was time to give a litte update ;-). A couple weeks ago I was able to spend some time with my Dogwood family.  Every trip to MO. is truly a trip home for me and this trip was exactly that.  I was able catch up, fit back into my “Meesh” role, help out a bit and just plain enjoy the Lopez family. (If you haven’t read about Dogwood Ranch head over to my “Giving Back” page and check it out.)
   One aspect of this trip that stuck out was the sense of eminent change. Major transformations are in the works for Dogwood and not just your typical changes. Yes, the business side of things  are chugging along. They are always in need of prayers, funding and the work on the ranch is never finished. Those things have not changed and by outward appearances things may seem to go on as they have.  However, beneath the surface the tides are turning. 
     What is changing is the heart. What is changing is the motive. What is happening is God is calling out in a loud way.  He is making darn sure that everyone involved in Dogwood Ranch knows the ranch is HIS.  He is calling us to trust, to seek, to sit still and watch as he shows us what it means to “Know that I am God”. 
      I left Dogwood with a great sense of suspense and excitement. It’s been a couple weeks and I still have it. It’s an excitement for what God is doing in, through and around the Dogwood crew. It’s an excitement that comes from knowing God never leaves things half finished. A thrilling sense of suspense that recognizes that we are the lucky ones who get to watch the process come to completion. The Ranch is happening, mountains are being moved and it is no small thing to witness.
If you’d like to learn more or be a part of Dogwood Ranch you can do so here Dogwood
  1. Rachel Canty says:

    This family just amazes me… I almost never want to leave. Seeing Brian, Dana, Steve and Nicole parent is almost breathtaking. I swear they can do it with their eyes closed. I love seeing how the girls are learning so much and watching their parents serve and honor the Lord. They are truly putting the girls are the right path. This family has God's Fingerprints all over them in every little thing. You guys blow me away!! 🙂

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