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  “I’m so sexy!” said no girl to anyone ever. We just don’t say that, well most of us don’t (unless some wine is involved lol). But normally we, of the female gender, don’t think of ourselves as sexy. We walk around comparing ourselves to unnaturally thin models, overly photoshopped ad campaigns and red carpet actors (who have personal chef’s, trainers, stylists..etc). “Sexy” only applys to the Jolie, Beckinsal, Kerr, and Charlize Theron’s of our age. This notion, to me, is one of the greatest lies to the women of our generation.  Don’t get me wrong, those women are totally sexy but what irks me is when comparison creeps in and causes you to doubt your beauty.

     “Sexy” is such a scary word for us when really it shouldn’t be. Some of the dictionary terms for the frightening word is “Interesting, attractive, exciting”.  Another dictionary defines it as “Excitingly appealing; glamorous, desirable”.   While I do not think many of us would call ourselves “sexy” when Jolie is in the same room, dare I ask if you would call yourself exciting or appealing?  Better yet, if you asked the one who loves you if he thinks you are desirable, what do you think he would say?  I am willing to bet he would sound a resounding “Yes!”.
    In your own way you are sexy. My job is to help bring it out in a unique way that is only yours. My job is to help you see it, own it, and live it. Maybe, just maybe, one day you’ll be able to say “I’m sexy and I know it”.
  1. Anonymous says:

    Mission Accomplished! ; )

  2. Rachel Canty says:

    I love that you help women find that in themselves. Keep doing an awesome job

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