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     The Rogers’ family is just one ‘full-of-life’ unit. Meadow and Kenny are plainly smitten with one another and then when the attention is turned to their kids, it’s as if another light is lit in their hearts.  A light that is mirrored by the confidence and ease of their kids laughter. Their girls are joy’s to be around. They are comfortable in their skin and don’t have a care in the world. It’s a comfort in your skin that comes from having parents that surround you with love, protection and constant guidance. Oh, and have I mentioned this “parenting” looks like it comes as easy to Meadow and Kenny as a smile on a child opening presents on Christmas morning.
     If ever there was a family with overflowing personality and love it is this one. I don’t think I clicked one shot with out smiling behind my lens. I dare you to try not to smile while scrolling down.

    Meadow and Kenny, you two are AMAZING parents. You’re the type of couple that is just better together and does not have to try hard to bring out the best in each other. Thank you for choosing me to capture your family. I hope and pray that these images are a constant reminder of the love and laughter that glues you all together.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love how you described this family and Meadow and Kenny's "parenting style". I too am impressed every time I am around them.
    Beautiful pictures. Love it.

  2. Kenny Rogers says:

    And it doesn't hurt that Meadow is easy on the eyes, either!

  3. Rachel Canty says:

    Omg!! Another Classic…. I love the first photo. Their oldest daughter just looks like she is saying, "O….M…..G…. I cant believe that just happened!" Too funny!!! Love the photos of them just laughing!

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