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     Before you continue reading I must confess two things: first I have an immense and deeply rooted respect for wedding photographers, and second that I am not one. Don’t misunderstand- I LOVE weddings, it’s just that my passions have led me elsewhere ;-).
    That being said, every once and a while a dear friend will ask me if I would be their memory catcher for their big day. These friends are usually the ones whose wedding I would attend and end up taking pictures the entire time anyways. These friends are also very very special to Dane and I, so how could my response ever be anything but a happy,”Yes!”. 
     Jason and Sarah are such friends. Jason and Dane roomed together before we were married. We even roomed with him for a month after we were married and during that time I truly came to an understanding of the term “two peas in a pod”. Besides the many hours spent shooting non-existent monsters on tv and yelling at bad passes, missed calls, and touchdowns I also witnessed two guys equally deep and rich in quality. Jason is a man after God’s heart. He’s a guy who will process anything with you and who thrives on deep authentic friendship. He’s also the type of guy who never takes himself too seriously and can get just about anybody to laugh. 
     We were honored to have him stand beside us on our wedding day and we were also honored that he asked Dane and I to take part in His big day. And finally we would get to meet Sarah.
     Dane and I both knew she had to be great. We knew she had to be fun, authentic, and sincere. We didn’t know just how perfect for Jason she was until we met her. 
     Sarah is stunning. No, seriously. She’s just stunning. She is so easy to be around that you forget you just met her. She is sweet southern hospitality. She is ease and grace with just enough goof ball to in her to constantly laugh at just about anything (especially Jason). She is Jason’s match in every way. 
   Being the memory catcher for these two was a blessing. I hope you glimpse a little bit of their love and the joy that overflowed during this celebration.
     Jason & Sarah, Your love is beautiful. My prayer for you two is that your love abounds more and more with each passing day. That your pursuit of each other is only matched by your pursuit of The Father and that your love for one another is a constant light wherever you go. Dane and I just love you guys with all our hearts. Til next time ;-).
  1. darling. oh my darling.
    you freakin NAILED IT!!!!!!!
    in fact, there are no words. stunning.
    you are so incredibly talented <3

  2. Robin says:

    I didn't have time to read the blog last night, just looked at the pictures. But this morning I read it….and you made a momma bawl!!! Wow, you captured the essence of both of these wonderful young people. Not just their essence in pictures but in words. Thanks for sharing the day, the photos, the thoughts, and essentially your life with Sarah and Jason. Blessings on you and your husband. Love, Robin (Sarah's momma)

  3. Rachel Canty says:

    🙂 Another amazing shot… I dont know how you do it. Every time you put a camera in your hands you do amazing work. I know your passion in photography is leading you in another area, but I am so amazed at all your photos.

  4. Katie says:

    These are amazing my friend!!!!!

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