Lil update from Seattle…


 What an eye opener this has been (and I still have another day!). Creative live is just a bucket of artistic souled individuals and Christa Meola is one fierce teacher. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I am trying to remain sponge like so I don’t miss a thing. My mind is crammed and loaded. My creativity is pumping with anticipation and excitement. And it is going to take weeks to full process everything. I will head home and go through that part of the journey in two more nights. But before that I wanted to blog a little post showing a tiny bit of behind the scenes. (these were taken with my phone so no judging ;p)

The sexy six pack (as we’ve been nicknamed).
Where class sessions and shooting take place.
Carlo, playing dress up with the props.
Set up for the couple’s boudoir shoot. I was able to shoot some during this shoot so I’ll post more later. It was so fun to shoot a couple.
I think all of us are enjoying the crew as much as the workshop. They’re all wonderful, sweet and genuine. Just joy’s to be around!
The crew and our fearless leader.
   I can not say thank you enough to Creative Live and Christa Meola for this opportunity. Christa is truly changing this market and to learn from a front runner has been a non stop “Ah-Ha” adventure. I can’t wait to get home and really write about what this experience has meant to me. 
  1. Rachel Canty says:

    I cant wait to hear all that you have learned!!!! Sounds like you are having an exciting time. I am so proud of you!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did you tell Carlo to breath out of his mouth? 🙂
    What a great experience.

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