One big adventure


     Marc Gschwend and I became friends after a wrestling match where he pinned me and two other friends in a matter of minutes (he’s even chipped teeth in these feats of strength!). Since then he has been nothing but a deep, loyal, and fun friend. He’s the reason I met my Dogwood family and he is one of the reason’s I never “jumped” at dating. His friendship showed me that there are quality guys out there and I don’t have to settle. He is a one of a kind guy and I always knew he would need someone special.  Insert Chelsea.
     When they started dating I asked one of our mutual friends, “What’s she like?”. He laughed and said “She’s slightly crazy, a ton of fun and one of a kind”. I met her once and thought to myself that if Marc let her get away maybe he wasn’t as smart as I thought he was.
     Chelsea is a small package that packs a punch of life and passion into EVERYTHING.  She’s the type of girl who is always up for anything and often is the one who comes up with wild adventures. She fiercely loves and adores Marc. 
     Together, they are a couple who will grab life for all it’s worth.
     Chelsea and Marc ~ I am so blessed to call you two friends. I hope and pray that you always see life together as one giant adventure. There will be bumps and bruises. There will be fun and laughter. And as you live it, like you two do best, there will be never ending joy and love. 
P.S. Marc you are as smart as I thought you were 😉
  1. these are AMAZING, Shell. holy canole.
    I'll do a Beloved of you and Dane if you take photos of me and Josiah 🙂 deal?

  2. Rachel Canty says:

    🙂 Great shoot. You have yet again captured their souls. I say you are just as lucky as Marc to have these two in your life.

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