Mrs. E’s Journey.


     “A few months ago I started my search for finding the perfect photographer to do some Boudoir photos for my husbands 1st anniversary present. I came across Remnant Photography and knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. Michelle’s style is sensual, classy, artistic…perfect.”

     “After a couple months of back and forth emails with Michelle aswering ALL of my questions and reassuring me of my concerns, the day finally arrived for my shoot. Yes, there were a couple of internal freak-out moments when I thought ‘how am I going to drop to my skivvies in front of someone I barely know?!?’, but once I got pampered at Frankie’s and we arrived at Michelle’s studio she quickly put me at ease.”
     “She was professional the entire time, posing me and adjusting sets/lighting like a boss, but her fun personality made me feel more like a friend than a client. I had such a blast and couldn’t believe how quickly the time flew by!”
     “So you know that giddy grin you get after a great first kiss?  Well, after I saw my photos I couldn’t get that smile off my face. I felt fierce, gorgeous, sexy, confident and on top of the world.  And when I was finally able to give my husband the gift, that giddy grin became plastered all over BOTH of our faces. He was completely blown away and was very eager to thank me for what he called the ‘best present ever’. ;)”
     “This was truly an incredible experience. It was not only a perfect anniversary gift for my husband, but also a fantastic self-confidence boost for myself…I can’t wait to do another one!!”
          ~Mrs. E
  1. Rachel Canty says:

    It blows me away to know a woman who is so beautiful can be self conscious. These shots are so fun!!

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