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   If you have read my blog you may gather that I am a slightly passionate person especially when it comes to my job. Ask me in person why I shoot boudoir and you might get a longer explanation than you planned on. I just can not help but pour out my heart when I love something and boudoir- capturing women- is something I’m passionate about.
    So when the  Lemonade & Lenses told me I would be a contributor in their August issue I just about went giddy with excitement. Then when they told me I could write about anything having to do with boudoir I just about fainted.
     When someone gives you the chance to pour out your heart and share your passions it is no small feat. So I went about attempting to pen my overflowing passions about boudoir on paper.  What resulted is an article that quite resembles my heart on display.
   It touches on the very core of this chosen profession of mine. The beauty of women and  power of boudoir photography to unearth that beauty in every woman. You can purchase a printed or digital copy of the magazine over at  Lemonade and Lenses site.

    There are so many talented photographers featured in this magazine. I am truly honored to be featured along side them. I hope that as you read my article, and all the others, you are challenged to see the beauty you posses and maybe find a local boudoir photographer to take you on a Journey to discover just how beautiful you really are.
  1. Rachel Canty says:

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  2. Rachel Canty says:

    Words escape me as I read your article… So many emotions came flooding through… I am so proud of you of doing what you love, I am so honored to call you a friend, jealous because I want to feel the way these women fell when they walk out of your session and excitement for these women and for them to see the true beauty they are. LOVE IT!

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