Sugar cubes


      I have heard it said that life is made sweeter by the people you meet. If this is true then my life is a constant sugar high. One sugar cube in my life is the Cardwell family. 
     They are a constant source of joy, laughter and love. Megan is, inside and out, one hot momma (Seriously! At our wedding all my guy friends were asking me if she was single). She is a prayer warrior, a deep lover, a hearty laugher and a constant friend. Eric loves just as deep. He is fun, solid, strong and real. Then you have their girls, Grace and Faith. Their oldest, Grace, could host her own talk show. She is a little fire ball of energy and a constant source of entertainment. Her energy is just contagious and makes you want to find the fun, like her, in every little moment.  Then you have, curly girl, Faith.  What tugs your heart strings when it comes to Faith is her smile. Her big, toothy, smile. It seems to be permanently placed on that sweet face of hers.  She laughs and smiles with an ease that some people never achieve. That, combined with the perfect ringlets and big blue eyes, is enough to melt the hardest of hearts. These four individuals make up one of my favorite families. Enjoy!

They were both belting out “Like I’m the only girl in the world”…Grace loves Rhianna ;-).
I asked Faith to give mom a kiss. She grabbed Megan like it was high school prom! We couldn’t stop laughing !

Bust a move 
After seeing this pictures Megan exclaimed “AGH this is totally our family. We are all laughing while Grace literally runs circles around us!”.

I just love this family and the joy they share. I hope these made you laugh and smile. And I hope that one day you get to meet the Cardwell’s. I know they will be a sweet sugar cube in your life.
  1. Anonymous says:

    You absolutely caught the Caldwell family in all of their glory.
    I think Grace is worth 2 sugar cubes.

  2. Carrie L Coppini says:

    Omgosh Michelle these pictures are incredible!Wow!You are just getting better and better at this, and what a lovely family!xoxo

  3. Rachel Canty says:

    I too am in love with the Cardwells. They are a breath of fresh air and you captured their love, joy and all the energy that Gracie and Faith has. Great job Michelle!!

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