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   One motto I live by, mostly because I am always late, is “Better late than never”. This post is one of those ;-). This year, for their spring break, Hailey Lopez and Becca Vetsch decide to fly out for a visit. I am convinced that where ever these two girls went they would have had a blast. But I am so thankful they decided to visit Dane and I. They are the type of girls that you see passing by and want to be their friends because they seem to be having such a great time. They brought the fun, the laughs, the depth and the joy that only these two could bring.
  Laughter followed them every day and no matter what we did it seemed to be fun.  We sewed, we cooked, we shopped, we created, we went to the zoo, we slept in, we laughed hard (luckily Hailey didn’t pee this time) and of course we took some pictures. 😉
 *Warning* Please ignore, if you can, my husbands mustache. He was so proud of it but it gained him the nick name “creeper”.

It didn’t work but it was good for a laugh.
See, I told ya! “Creeper” ;-p
They were stuck together…figuratively and literally.
I loved having you girls visit! You were, and are, a breath of fresh air.  Dane and I got so used to having you around that, after you left, we went through a mini case of “empty nest” syndrom.
We love the both of you with all our hearts and can’t wait till we see you again. (Personally I can’t wait to take your senior photo’s:-)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Loved these pics.
    What more can I say.

  2. Rachel Canty says:

    Another set of amazing photos…. you blow me away michelle!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh goodness, I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!! Can you believe they are one week away from moving onto their SENIOR YEAR? I am tearing up already…talk about empty nest! _(their real mom and second mom =))

  4. Awe! This looks like so much fun! I absolutely enjoyed seeing all the photos! 🙂

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