“You have beautiful eyes”..aka Part 2.


     The honest to goodness truth is that it didn’t really matter where I took Hailey’s pictures.  She is such a beauty that any picture of her comes out fabulous. That said, we did find some great places to shoot and the combination was magic.

    To know Hailey is to see a living example of what happens with God gets ahold of a malleable heart. She has been through more in her 18 years then some will ever see in a lifetime and through it all she has risen out of ashes with a heart understanding that God is a God of grace, love, and second chances. Her looks are beautiful but her beauty is so much more because it flows from her revived heart.
    Hailey, I love you as family. I love your heart. I love your beauty. And also “You have beautiful eyes” ;-p lol.
  1. Rachel Canty says:

    That is very true! I love looking and watching Hailey grow in God. There are some days, where I just want to steal her passion for him and for life! Hailey, I stand by every word that Michelle said. You are so stunning in all areas of your life! I love you just as much!

    Michelle, you love for her really shines through in your photos. You have captured her grace, her outer beauty and her inner love for everyone around her and her love for God. I dont know how you capture it but you are just amazing! I love you so much!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The pictures are beautiful and I love the added dialogue to your pictures.

    Great work!!

  3. Crystal says:

    Um Hailey, STOP GROWING UP!!! omg!!! These are gorgeous! Great shots Michelle! You both are awesome!
    LOVE You! Crystal Arai

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