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Last week I finished a book called “Whisper.” It’s a YA fiction/fantasy book about these kids who have super powers; the super-natural power of their words. Some influence thought, while others heal. Some inflict pain with certain words and others disappear with the word, “Invisible.”

My favorite character is categorized as a “Creator.” Her gift encompasses all the others and with thoughtful intention she possesses the power to create… anything. 

Her words are her power and her directed intention is the scope that shapes it. She is so powerful she doesn’t speak for two years, stifled by an internal fear of what impact her words could have. Fear of a loose tongue carrying negative thought and spewing forth irreparable destruction.

The creativity of this concept captured my imagination instantly but what stuck with me is the reality that you and I possess a similar power.

The power of your voice as it proclaims your thoughts into the world truly can create or destroy. 

A woman with bare shoulders and words on her lips

Ok, so we cannot turn ourselves invisible or create an “adorable puppy” just by thinking then speaking it but our tongues truly are a double-sided sword.

A sword that wields Life or Death.

A weapon that can be used to tear down strongholds and aid in the repair of the deepest wound.

A sword that, when wielded in pursuit of the Holy, will wage war in spiritual places and claim new territory with assured victory.

What we think matters.

What we speak matters.

It matters for your health and growth as an individual and also has the power to affect those around you.

Woman with short hair sitting on knees adjusting strap of lingerie

I wonder what would happen if we believed our words were as powerful as the kids in this book. If we slowly sifted through our thoughts, about our thoughts, before releasing them.  Only speaking to uplift and encourage.

If we operated under a healthy fear of the all to real consequences our words will have. If we diligently trained our minds to concentrate on what is patient and kind and then in turn practiced releasing these patient and kind words to those around us.

Woman in lingerie leaning with hands against wall

What if we practiced not just “speaking” kind to others but spoke kindness over ourselves.

If we snatched our damaging thoughts before they formed on our tongue and then began the gardener’s task of weeding out rotten roots; weeding, tilling and clearing the soil until all that is left is a garden of Holy Spirit fruit.

Woman with short hair gazing off in the distance

‘Til love is the soil and joy is the atmosphere.

‘Til peace our foundation and patience our state.

‘Til kindness our action and goodness our motivation.

‘Til faithfulness sets the rhythm of our heart beat and gentleness the natural flow.

‘Til self-control becomes the guide we long to follow.

Woman lying on floor studying papers

Truly, I would love to be a woman who wields her strongest weapon with grace. With positive thought and nothing but good intention. 

Truly, I have failed.

Sometimes allowing my zeal to be used for judgement and harm.

Becoming that woman who judges just as passionately as she encourages. 

I am so guilty of flippant speech; of short thought-out words and angry vocabulary.

But I have also seen these quick words bring healing and peace. I’ve seen them create beauty and call out gold in rocky places.

Sweater falling off the shoulder of woman standing in the light of a window

Today, I rally my resolve.

Today, I choose to become a woman who tills alongside Holy.

Choosing to partner with the Divine and let the positive fruits of His Spirit flow out of my heart and into the soil around me.

Woman sitting in doorway with legs crossed

Friend, your words are your super power.

A super power aimed and armed by intention of your thoughts.

Today, may you choose to wield it.

Wield it for life, until nothing but goodness flows from it.

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